Unicode Fonts

If you cannot read vietnamese characters on our Web Pages after selecting either User Defined or Unicode (UTF-8) encoding in your browser. You need to have some (WGL4)Fonts that support multi languages made by Microsoft in accordance with Unicode standard (these fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana) are freely distributed by Microsoft(R), you can either visit Microsoft's Free Fontpack), or you can download the ONE of following Fonts from this web site (click on Font Name and "Save to disk"):

After downloading, find those .EXE files in your hard drive and double-click on those filenames to add these fonts to your system (the old fonts will be replaced by these new fonts). Please remember the filename and the location where you save these files. You may need to restart Windows after adding fonts.

Vietnamese Complete Fonts Toolkits


This software is auto install three diffrent of Vietnamese formating font on the internet. This software has 6 basic fonts type from Tricholor for VISCII fonts (Anh Minh, Hoe May, Hoang Yen, Minh Quan, Phuong Thao, Tha Huong, amd Uu Hoai), 4 Internet font types from VNI Software (VNI - Aptima, VNI - Helve, VNI - Times, VNI - Internet mail) and 4 kinds of fonts from VPS (VPS Courier, VPS Helv, VPS Quang Duc, and VNI - Times). So, hope you guys enjoy it!

Download Instructions:

  1. Click the Download link below of this page.
  2. Choose a directory on your hard disk where you want to download the product distribution file "vnfonts.exe", and click "OK" (WinNT) or "Save" (Win95) button.

Download Vietnamese Complete Fonts Toolkits

Installation Instructions:

  1. Using Explorer (My Computer) or File Manager select the directory where you downloaded the product distribution file, and double-click "vnfonts.exe", which is a WinSFX (tm) self-extracting Windows ZIP archive, to start the installation process. (Note: If they ask the second disk, that's mean you did not complete the download yet! You have to go back and re-download again!)
  2. Follow any onscreen instructions. If you are installing this version over a prior copy, simply respond "OK" if prompted to overwrite previously installed files.
  3. After installing the program, you should check it out and have fun!!!

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