A Lighthouse in the Darkness



Master Lights up My Life


In 2004, initiates from the Florida Center contributed Master’s books to several state prisons in Florida, and since that time, twelve inmates have written letters to the Center, including the following by a prisoner who had just learned the Convenient Method.


By would-be initiate Jerry Reese, Florida, USA
(Originally in English) October 11, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for the most wondrous event of my life! I am eternally grateful! It was absolutely incredible!! I was visited by two angels, spiritual royalty, who bestowed on me the instructions that made me a Convenient Method practitioner and also informed me that I have been officially “adopted” into the Quan Yin family through Master’s Ocean of Boundless Love! Is this Heaven?

At the beginning of our meditation session, when the sisters began to sing Master’s name in a voice so beautiful that I was instantly transported to Heaven, the Master power went to work and took over completely from there. I know I can’t say specifically what I saw, but there was much Light, love, peace and blessing in a wide spectrum of colors, and I know Master was there watching me and blessing me through the hearts and eyes of Her precious daughters.

Since then everything in my life has been changing so quickly that it’s almost like a ride on a starship. I can’t even begin to articulate it rationally. The only term I can use to describe my current state of being is simply joy unspeakable!

I look forward to our next visit with happy anticipation and prayerful longing. Thank you, sisters, and Thank You, Master!

Namo Ching Hai Wu Shang Shih!

Convenient Method practitioner and would-be initiate,
Jerry Reese