Love in Action

Report from Costa Rica

Master Illuminates Women Inmates’ Souls

By Sister-initiate Gemma García, San Jose, Costa Rica (Originally in Spanish)


On November 25, 2005, Costa Rican practitioners visited the Women’s Prison in El Buen Pastor, San José in San Rafael Arriba de Desamparados district to impart Master’s divine teachings through a video presentation. The facility is surrounded by mountains, and as a result enjoys fresh air that blows down from the hills into the surrounding neighborhoods.

On the day of the presentation, the equipment was set up and one by one the guests entered the venue full of curiosity. In all, twenty inmates attended the event, during which they were shown a brief biography of Master describing Her world-wide acts of compassion and a video of one of Her talk Costa Rica lectures. The initiates then explained more about Master’s work and the Quan Yin Method, discussed the benefits of the Convenient Method of meditation and informed the audience members that they could learn the CM and practice at the institution to find peace, serenity and love for God. After the video showing and subsequent discussion, the women said that they felt Master’s presence in their souls.

Next all of the attendees signed up to learn the Convenient Method. And despite the fact that the CM instruction took place with limitations due to institutional dynamics, noise from neighboring pavilions and loudspeaker announcements, the women concentrated well for half an hour with full faith in Master.

Afterwards, the inmates expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for being given the chance to learn about Master, meditation, inner peace and happiness. The initiates and new CM practitioners then celebrated with a delicious vegetarian lunch composed of soy rolls, rice with vegetables, cake, home-made bread, juice, sumptuous vegetarian tamales and a colorful array of cookies and candies.

At the end of the activity the initiates distributed sample booklets to the women and contributed a supply of Master’s News magazines and sample booklets to the Prison Library. Then when it was time for the inmates to leave the venue, they graciously and sincerely thanked Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her love.