Master Says







The Power of Thought and Speech

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida,
December 30, 2001 (Originally in Chinese) Videotape #732

Use only positive language

We should always speak positively! Since making negative comments takes up the same amount of time and effort, with little difference, then why not use positive language? Refrain from speaking false words out of false courtesy, which only makes the listener feel agitated because they aren’t true. We practice the way of the Truth, and we don't like hearing words that are empty and false, do we? (A: No, we don’t.) For example, "Master, it’s been different for You." "Master, You haven't eaten?" or "Master, this and that…." (Laughter) It sounds so dull, without genuine sincerity. You should not make such false remarks, wasting your time and energy and making people irritated. Also, it creates a negative atmosphere around us.

When you hear someone say, "Oh! I’m so happy today," and then hear another person say, "I feel so bored today," which of them sounds more comfortable? (A: The happy one.) Yes! Sometimes, you do not feel irritated yourself, but when someone just speaks to you, you feel irritated. For example, you sit down to enjoy a cup of tea, and someone comes along and says, "Oh! My son has just gotten married!" "My daughter-in-law has given birth to a plump, lovely baby!" "My business is doing well!" "I’m healthy and sound!" "Oh! I have great hopes for the future. Although the situation isn’t so good now, it will improve later." Do you prefer listening to these delightful words, or do you prefer frustrating comments, such as "How come my grandson is so fat?" "Sigh! Why did they get married?" "Oh! That son-in-law of mine is really troublesome! I told my daughter not to marry him, but she wouldn’t listen. He is definitely not a good guy. Very soon the two of them will get divorced for sure!" (Laughter) For example, if people said that, would you like it? (A: No!) Even if what they said were true, you wouldn’t like to hear it, would you? (A: No.) We love to hear things that are happy and positive.

There are plenty of good things in this world for us to enjoy. For example, the flowers are beautiful, the sky is serene and the moon is enchanting, so why should we look at those silly corners? Besides, I was not the one who said that it had been different for me. How did she know that it had been different for me? I went out happily to see the fellow practitioners and to touch you like this. All of us were very happy, but then we heard "It’s different for You, Master! It’s different for You, Master!" Oh, God! Then I felt it was really different for me, and really didn't want to do it anymore! (Laughter)

With our speech and thoughts, we can help people but also curse people. We can elevate people and make them very happy, but we can also put them down and make them feel uncomfortable. Unless you’re a teacher or master, who must edify people and rectify the mistakes of the students, you’d better refrain from saying anything negative. Of course, you may say it when it is necessary. For instance, if your child behaves very badly, you might say "You’re not behaving well today!" In this way, at least you’ve put in a positive word—"well." Or you might say "You are not a good child today!" Although the word "not," is there, the word "good" is also there. (Laughter) Refrain from saying "You are really bad today!" When children hear positive words such as "behave well" or "good," they try their best to improve. In educating people, you should also speak in this way as much as possible. For instance, about someone who is overweight, we should not say that he is fat. Instead, we can say, "He is not that slim." (Master and everyone laugh.) Between friends, saying more beautiful words will make your friendship more lasting.

Regarding the Master, you should just leave Her alone. She was born to rectify people’s faults. She is stern when She should be stern, and She is gentle when She should be gentle. She has to do that; She has no other choice! Such is the power of Creation. For example, it takes a torrential downpour to bring lots of rain. If it only drizzles every day, we won’t have enough water to use. However, a heavy rainfall can also cause inconveniences. Roads can be destroyed and the traffic disrupted; we might get wet when going outdoors, or some agricultural produce might be washed away by the rain. This is unavoidable for such is the situation in this world. We won't have these problems in Heaven.

Our speech is also very powerful. Even ordinary people who are not spiritual practitioners have power in their speech. That’s why some people’s words come true when they curse others. Or when someone wholeheartedly wishes you well though he isn’t a spiritual practitioner, you will still benefit due to his sincerity. "Everything is created by the mind." When a person is sincere, he becomes really pure. It doesn't even matter if his usual behavior isn’t good. The moment he’s sincere, his heart really becomes pure. If he wishes you well at that moment, the result will be very good. But if he’s full of hatred at the moment he curses you, it will also generate a great influence. Curses by spiritual practitioners are even more powerful; whatever they say will come true. Therefore, you must be cautious in your speech.

Science has demonstrated the immense power of thought

In Japan, scientists have conducted experiments with water. First they froze a cup of water, then observed the changes and took photographs. They found crystallized forms resembling snowflakes. If the water had been unclean, however, the crystalline pattern in the photo would not have looked like snowflakes, but would have appeared very blurred without a definite shape. A cup of dirty, polluted water, after being sanctified by prayer before it was frozen, was later observed and photographed. The resulting crystals were also as clear and beautiful as snowflakes.

They conducted many other similar tests. For instance, they said "Thank you" to a cup of water, or pasted a piece of paper with the words "Thank you" written on it, and then the crystalline forms became very beautiful. If they wrote the names of bad people like Hitler on it, the crystals, when photographed, looked like ghosts or even formed a ghostly face! It was very horrible and filthy. If the names of Saints were written on it, the crystals took on a different pattern. Depending on the greatness of the Saint, the photographs would also show different images. Perhaps it was also related to the sincerity of the person conducting the experiment. Therefore, even without spoken words, just a written word or a focusing of our thoughts can create an impact. During the experiment, if they said, "You are very bad! I’ll kill you," the crystals looked very horrible in their photographs! Thus we cannot say that the speech and wishes of non-spiritual practitioners don’t have power. They do!

Before embarking on the spiritual path, I traveled a lot visiting enlightened Masters. When I got home, I shared my experiences with my former husband and he said, "Those people may not be really great. You can also become an enlightened Master!” I responded, "You must be joking! Who am I? Don't you know that these people are great Masters?" So he said, "You definitely can become an enlightened Master!" and I replied, "Oh! Thank you!" At that time, I didn't give any thought to being a Master, but he was very sincere when he said that. He added, "I think you can also become an enlightened Master, even better than any of them!” (Laughter) He had faith in me. He made this observation as we lived together every day. He didn't understand those enlightened Masters, but he understood me. We were married for two years, but most of the time I slept in another room and chanted scriptures every day. (Master and everyone laugh.) At that time, I didn’t know any other method; I only knew about chanting the scriptures. I chanted the Lotus Sutra in the morning and other scriptures in the evening. Each day I chanted different scriptures. Sometimes, my body had a levitating sensation so I felt that I was getting some kind of response.

So sometimes when we’re working on something and there are people supporting us or wishing us success, we will really do it very smoothly. However, if a group, a couple or several people are working together on something, but one of them opposes it, the process won’t feel the same. It will seem as though it’s being pulled back or dragged down by something, and the job can’t be accomplished even after a long time. This kind of obstructive atmosphere can really affect our work because all beings are one. If everyone has the same ideal, everything will go smoothly because everyone is cooperating well. No one is opposing it; each person has the same target, each one contributes to the best of his ability, and everyone marches in the same direction. Therefore, anything we do can be done smoothly.

Our thoughts and speech are truly very powerful so we must be very cautious when we speak! I’m also very cautious now. When we speak, the more careful we are the better. We really have to take care of our actions, speech and thoughts. Now that we have scientific evidence, we feel that it’s even more frightful. Previously, you just listened to me talking about it and never realized that it could be so serious. So speaking is not the end of it; it’s also recorded in the universe and will affect the atmosphere around us. Just by pasting a couple of words on a cup of water, leaving it there overnight and then freezing it, the photographs come out differently.

Thus since ancient times, people have invited spiritual practitioners to dispel ghosts, bring blessings and join in the celebration when they move into a new house. On New Year’s Day, we Aulacese select a very good person to enter the house. That is to say, the first one entering the house must be a virtuous person instead of just casually letting anyone in. At that time they place a broom by the door, meaning that evil people aren’t allowed into their homes.

Fellow initiates share experiences

Initiate: Master, You just said that whatever we say comes true. I’ve had several such experiences. I’m afraid that when I say something that’s not good, it will also come true. So, since childhood I’ve always spoken very carefully, and even if I’m very angry, I dare not curse people. Take one incident for example. There are many mango trees at the Hsihu Center, and once there was lots of fruit on them. I wanted to eat a piece very much, but was afraid that the resident practitioners would scold me if I climbed up to pick one. Sitting on a slope, I said to the mango tree, "If you let a mango fall and roll all the way near my hand, then I can pick it up and eat it. In that case, I think the resident practitioners won’t scold me." (Laughter) Eventually, a mango actually did fall and roll over by my side.

Master: That was very positive thinking! (Master and everyone laugh.)

I: Another time, I took a stroll in the mountains with my daughter, and there we saw many red persimmons. Both my daughter and I wanted to eat some of them so I said to the persimmon tree, "This belongs to God anyway!" (Laughter) Then a piece of fruit actually fell! Sometimes, fruit falling from a tree has worms inside, but the one that fell then didn’t have worms in it and was very fresh. When I’m with my kids, I feel as though I’m with God. Then I picked up the persimmon and ate it; it was very fragrant and sweet. So since childhood, I’ve never dared speak recklessly. Even when I’m very angry, I dare not say things that aren’t good; because I fear that it might come true, and then I’ll be in serious trouble.

M: If you say it wholeheartedly, it will really come true! But if you don’t give it much thought when you say it, then that’s OK. If you really say it with your heart, of course, it carries greater power. Thus, it’s better if we say only positive things. I know you’re very benign, and have no reason to curse anyone. If you can wish others well, then that will be best. If you can’t, then hold your tongue. It’s not because we’re afraid of death or disaster, but that we don't want to pollute the atmosphere around us. We have to live in it too! The atmosphere is just like the air, intangible and invisible. If we poison the air, we poison ourselves too. If the air is clean, we also feel very comfortable.

We Aulacese have a saying: "If your house is clean, you feel cool. If your dining utensils are washed clean, your meals taste better." Why? It’s because we’re happy and feel homey. Sometimes, when you eat in restaurants, you may notice that their dishes aren’t clean or that they’re greasy, and then you don’t feel like eating. No matter how hungry you are at the time, very soon you have no appetite left. Is that right? (A: Yes.) Or, when we go to a certain place, no matter how nice the house is, if it’s filthy and dark inside, we won’t want to touch it. Our mood changes and we feel obstructed. When we’re irritated at heart, obstacles come. The negative power naturally converges there.