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God’s Perfect Arrangements
for Truth Seekers

By Bangkok News Group (Original in Thai)

[Bangkok] From May 23 to 27, Golden Year 4 (2007), the Thailand Food Export Exhibition was held at Muangthongthani Bangkok, Thailand. We used a part of a booth at the exhibition to present Master Ching Hai’s publications, and share some vegetarian food. We provided visitors with Alternative Living document folders, which additionally had the Supreme Master Television message on the back. These folders were useful for exhibition visitors, because there were many companies distributing their flyers.

Many people showed interest in visiting the website, to watch online programs. Master’s DVD lectures were continuously played attracting many people who watched attentively. One fellow initiate met an old close friend by mere chance. His friend had stopped to watch Master’s DVD “The Real Heroes” and said that this DVD gave answers to his questions about God. We realized that Master was guiding him to our booth.

Thank You Master for arranging everything naturally and perfectly. We will promote Your teachings and Alternative Living lifestyle continuously.




With deep compassion for animals and concerned about repeated outbreaks of epidemic diseases among animals and humans, Master has offered the world a fundamental solution to the problem by personally designing a friendly but convincing leaflet entitled “Alternative Living” to remind people to choose the vegetarian diet and stop killing in order to overcome global medical crises and save our fellow beings. Master has also instructed all initiates to share this message with their brothers and sisters in every corner of the world. In response, the practitioners have initiated an all-out effort to share Her words of love.

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To keep pace with the planet’s ongoing spiritual elevation, the local centers of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association are holding more and more video seminars and other Truth-sharing events.

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