Supreme Master Ching Hai TV Programs


Viewer’s Heartline

Since the airing of the Supreme Master Television channel, viewers from around the world can access its positive message through satellite TV and internet web site. Enthusiastic responses and feedback have been pouring in via phone calls, emails, letters and web blogs.




A gentleman started a vegetarian diet since watching the program two months ago. He said, “Your television programs enlighten my thinking and I find many things that I didn’t understand before. Thank You.” He even volunteered to do English to Persian translation, especially for Master’s lectures. He also would like to know more about the Quan Yin meditation method.

A lady in Tehran said, “I love Supreme Master’s talks, news and vegetarian cooking; I love Supreme Master Ching Hai.”

Another viewer is interested to learn much more about the philosophy of meditation, and to find the way to achieve the real truth of life and death. He wishes Master can guide him and would like to be put in touch with some resources in his country, like people or books.

A gentleman, who is a vegetarian and does yoga meditation every morning, heard about our TV program and Master Ching Hai from a friend at his meditation group. “We live in Iran and many people here like to watch your programs and use them in their lives.”

A lady has been watching our programs for many months and became a vegetarian 3 months ago. She said, “I feel so good after changing my diet. I love your channel and always recommend that to younger people. If there is anything here I can do, like advertising or giving out flyers, I would love to do that. And I would love to learn that method and travel to the place where I can meet Master Ching Hai. I am very grateful for Persian subtitles. I am so glad to talk to you and thank you for all of your efforts.”




In Egypt, a lady from Alexandria manages to keep the vegetarian diet, even though it is very difficult in her country. She made the request: “Is there any chance that your information in any form would come to Egypt?” She dreams one day to meet Master Ching Hai to discuss ways to improve the world and “possibly something that could even be done in Egypt.”




Ganesh from Bombay, India, wrote, “I wish to get initiated by Supreme Master Ching Hai as I wish to make progress in spiritual life.”




A viewer from Indonesia found our program broadcast through and suggested we have a mirror server through an Indonesian’s ISP and provide Indonesian subtitles as well.




David Danzl, president of, discovered our program by chance. He has been very happy since and encourages us to “keep up the wonderful work.”

Joelle wrote, “Just wanted to make contact and applaud you for your wonderful work and your wonderful web site!”

Sarah greatly enjoys our online shows at Supreme Master Television and asked about options for broadcasting a show through our station.




Thomas Heider thinks our program is “the best program I’ve ever seen!” He found the program “just by switching through my some 400 satellite-TV-programs…. And do believe me, I am tuned to you nearly every free minute because it is so very wonderful to hear all the positive news and to see all those wonderful people of your team from all over the world.”

Mathilda wrote, “This is the channel the world was waiting for. I am happy that finally someone has the courage to report on POSITIVE things.… Thanks for the wonderful, uplifting programs. Highly recommendable!!!”




Mary from Scotland, UK, lives in the small town of Tokat, Turkey, and watches our TV program regularly. She commented that, “Your programs on Supreme Master TV are an absolute blessing for all the human race.”




Wishai from Thailand wrote, “I got to know about your channel from I like your channel.”




Claudio Dominguez, a TV show host for the program “A Better World” in Argentina, wrote to request TV footage as well as DVDs to be used in his show. He stated that his request is due to “our love and admiration for the existence of Master Ching Hai. We want Argentineans to know about this divine being.”  




A college student from China became acquainted with our channel through Sopcast and is especially fond of the program “Noteworthy News.”

Maggie, a Buddhist from Mainland China working in United Arab Emirates, enjoys “Between Master and Disciples” and “Words of Wisdom” very much. She wrote, “Every time when I watch it, I always want to cry in appreciation of what you do. I really need your guidance, and look forward to the opportunity to listen to your teachings.”




Samuel from Mbarara, Uganda, commented that “Supreme Master Television is the best Internet TV I have seen so far.”  



Hong Kong

A seven-year-old boy finds our TV program is very interesting and Master’s teaching is good. His favorite programs are “Animal World” and “Joke of the Day.” “Mommy said to me that it’s good for the kids to watch Supreme Master Television, as it always showers us with positive information only and makes the world more bright and beautiful.”




Craig wrote to Master Ching Hai, “I am very grateful to know You and Your teachings…. The crossroads that I previously contemplated vanished when I received news of Supreme Master Television.”




A viewer from Vienna, Austria, wrote, “I’m very happy and thankful to you for giving this positive channel to share around the world, especially the lectures of Supreme Master Ching Hai. They are true teachings and there are many words of wisdom She teaches me.”




A letter from an Aulacese family in France: “I write this letter to you with the hope that you will accept me and my wife as disciples, so we can practice the method of contemplation on the inner Sound and Light. My wife and I have seen your lectures on television, and we are so thrilled because we can beseech your help to guide us back to the Kingdom of God.”




From Eduardo, a native of Argentina: “Master’s ability and way of explaining all those very difficult questions surprises me…. I watch the lectures that Master gives around the world almost every day. Please consider that many people from all around the world would like to know the method that You teach. I would very much like to know if there is a Center in Israel to study the method and practice in order to perfect it, since I would like to be a part of the Association.”

There are many other comments from Supreme Master Television’s program viewers: “The program called Noteworthy News is genius! What a positive view of the world. I watch it everyday.” “Noteworthy news is brilliant. It is so nice to watch all the positive things going on in the world. Gives me hope.” “Thanks for these programs, so much good information about everything. Blows me away, man. Keep it up.” “Animal World is the best animal program I’ve ever seen! Such a different approach. Can’t wait to see more.” “Such a relief to see such a positive channel. Love it!” “I found the cooking shows amazing. I never realized that there were so many exciting recipes for vegetarians.” “I love the show called Vegetarianism… so informative.”

Many people found that Supreme Master Television “is so needed in the world today.” “Noteworthy News is the best news channel I have ever come across. I hope other channels will do the same. Cheers.”