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This collection of Celestial Jewelry was created by Supreme Master Ching Hai through inspirations from Heaven during Her recent two-year retreat. The infinite blessing power of God lends sparkle to each piece, making the collection truly exceptional.

The Humble

The absence of colorful, sparkling stones in this series does not detract from its subtle radiance and beauty, resulting from a simple yet elegant design that will remain enchanting despite the passage of time. The motif resembling a bunch of nuts hanging from a branch may seem unglamorous, but it creates a sense of abundant, forceful energy ready to be channeled into selfless sacrifice at any moment.

The Recluse

Regarding reclusion in the physical world, Master has said, "It's not that we have to run away from material existence, but we remain above it." The Recluse series of Celestial Jewelry uses seven types of precious stones cut into seven different shapes to symbolize the seven dimensions of the universe and our inner consciousness. Through daily meditation, we can visit these wonderful, supra-worldly realms and find freedom in being reclusive.

The Perfect

Inlaid in triangular shapes, the lucent amethyst compliments the glittering gold to reflect the inner qualities of absolute Truth, virtue and beauty.This collection of Celestial Jewelry-The Perfectous-reminds us to maintain constant contact with our inner Self so that we can become the perfect beings that Master describes.

A perfect person knows his good points and shortcomings. He subdues the shortcomings, puts them aside or controls them properly, to be used only when necessary. The good points he will continue to develop, to benefit others and himself. Such is a perfect person.

The Hermit

Red fruit, ripe and plump, shines with a rosy luster matched by elegantly shaped green leaves. Through superb craftsmanship the fruit and leaves have been arranged in seamless designs that impart a divine, elegant aura, much like that of a hermit who has reaped the harvest of spiritual cultivation after years of silent practice.