Steamed Mustard and
Vegetarian Meat Paste

I.      Recipe name: Steamed Mustard and Vegetarian Meat Paste

II.      Ingredients: 

  1. 2-3 stems dried marinated mustard*

  2. ½ package Enoki mushroom*

  3. ¼ package vegetarian meat paste**

III.      Seasonings: 

  1. ¼ teaspoon salt

  2. 2 teaspoons sugar

  3. ½ teaspoon vegetarian seasoning*

  4. 1 Tablespoon cornstarch

*   The vegetarian meat paste contains oil, no extra oil is needed.

IV.      Directions:

  1. Thaw the vegetarian meat paste and set aside.

  2. Wash dried marinated mustard and soak in water for ½ hour to remove sands and salty taste. Then thinly dice.

  3. Trim away the bottom ends of the Enoki mushrooms and wash. Then cut into small pieces.

  4. Mix vegetarian meat paste, minced Enoki mushrooms, marinated mustard, and the seasonings together. Put the vegetarian meat mixture in a plate and steam for 15 minutes until well cooked.

*   The leftover vegetarian meat paste can be stored in the freezer.

V.      Recipe provider:  Xiuxia Li.      Photo: Fanrun Kang

Note * Available in Asian markets.
         ** Available in Asian markets or most vegetarian food stores.


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