Nagasaki Style Vegetarian Noodles


IngredientsYields 1 serving1 bowl of medium-sized China bowl

  • raw Chinese noodles  120


  • water                 1.5 cups

  • canola oil           1 Tablespoon

  • salt                        ½ teaspoon

  • soy sauce           ½ teaspoon

  • peanut butter      1 TablespoonHighly recommended to use Skippy’s creamy type

  • kelp soup stock  2(½ stick)

  • tomato                ¼ medium size

  • onion                  1/6 medium size

  • ginger                  1 piece

Basic example of ingredients for soup:

  • bean sprout                     1 handful

  • green onion                      5cm

  • enokidake mushroom       ⅓ small stump

  • vegetarian ham                 20

Other than these, vegetarian steamed fish paste (kamaboko), Chinese cabbage, cabbage, green vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, eringi mushrooms, corn, carrots, green beans, deep-fried bean curds…etc ., can be added to your liking.


  1. Pour salad oil into frying pan, and stir-fry the shredded ginger, chopped tomato and shredded onion well. (This is the important part. Stir-fry well, so it will become rich in taste.)

  2. Move (1) to a pan, add water and kelp soup stock, and then add ingredients in the order of taking long to cook. When it starts boiling, add salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

  3. Add peanut butter last to adjust the taste.

  4. Put Chinese noodle (boiled in another pan) in the china bowl, pour vegetable soup on top, and it is done.

The volume of soup may be too little for those who like to have a lot of soup, so please adjust the volume. It is best to make the soup taste light. Even if the soup is light, the peanut butter in the soup will cling to the noodles, so nevertheless you can have it deliciously.

If that helps, we used Gandharan pink rock salt. This salt is pretty strong in taste, so please adjust it delicately. It is also delicious to substitute udon noodles for the Chinese noodles.



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