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  The Birds in My Life

pages: 300
Size: 21cm x 28cm
Publisher: The Supreme Master Ching Hai Intl Assoc Publishing Co.,Ltd.; 1st edition (June 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9789866895
ISBN-13: 978-9866895142
ASIN: 9866895149

Following The Dogs in My Life, Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote another book entitled, The Birds in My Life, for the twenty-three beloved winged members of Her household. In this beautifully illustrated book, each feathered creature is described in a biography lovingly composed by Master, together with pictures from the bird's daily life and captions with “bird talk.”

Each of these beautiful birds comes from a different background and has an interesting and unique personality. Some of their stories will move you into tears, while others may make you smile. Their cute mannerisms have brought much joy and laughter to Master. Hidden inside these tiny creatures are highly developed and loving souls. Master said that She has often been touched by the expressions and actions of the birds, and even inspired by them. She hopes that all of us will understand other living beings such as birds, and love and respect them as equals.

Through these books, you will understand how deeply our animal friends can feel and how intelligent they can be. They are absolutely loyal to partners, friends and human caretakers. They can be very sensitive and tender in expressing their love, and when they lose a loved one, they suffer the same sadness as humans do. That's why Master Ching Hai says, “If humans could love each other that much, peace and happiness would be ours forever.”

These three hundred pages of wonderful pictures and stories will lead you to a world populated by beautiful birds and help you understand their lives, their deep emotions and thoughts.

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