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God Takes Care of Everything
Illustrated Tales of Wisdom
from Supreme Master Ching Hai

now available in Japanese



This colorful volume contains twenty of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s inspiring stories presented in the form of lively, amusing comic strips suitable for all ages. Each story expresses profound themes of great educational value that will touch readers’ hearts and fill them with bliss.

The book’s appealing, uplifting parables encourage youngsters to develop their full mental, creative and personal potentials by conveying noble Truths in an easy-to-understand format. In today’s complex technological society, this treasured book offers nourishment for children’s minds and souls in a relaxed, enjoyable manner through the humor and wisdom of Supreme Master Ching Hai.

The above-mentioned stories are presented serially in vivid multimedia animation with lively sound effects; for on-line viewing, please visit:
http://www.Godsdirectcontact.org.tw/eng/illustrate/index.htm (English - Formosa)
http://www.Godsdirectcontact.net/eng/illustrate/index.htm (English - U.S.A.)


Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest DVDs

[Spoken in English with subtitles in twenty-two languages]

474 Follow Your Heart

Group meditation in Paris, France, April 28, 1995

In this DVD Master reveals the reasons for holding Celestial Clothes fashion shows in major design centers around the world and also addresses the following questions. Since only a flawless, leak-proof conduit can transmit water to where it is needed, what should we do to become good channels of God’s love? Humans often yield to their complicated minds, binding and hindering themselves and doubting a living Master. Since we have the good fortune to be disciples of such a Master, what types of understanding should we have about Her work? Regarding this point, Master says, “I am frustrated and in pain because I can understand your mishaps yet I cannot help you. I want you to be happy, but you always find troubles for yourselves and make me suffer for nothing!” We ought to reflect deeply on these words.


Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest MP3s

[Spoken in Chinese]

Lecture in Taipei, Formosa, February 22-23, 1989
*The Way to Know Your True Self
*The Meaning of a Monastic Life

Lecture in Jhongli, Formosa, February 24-25, 1989
*Spreading the Truth is the Highest Form of Merit
*The Secret of Longevity



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