Supreme Art


Regarding Her creativity, Supreme Master Ching Hai says, “I have never received formal education in art designing. However, after meditating for many years, I am now full of inspiration.” In fact, on one occasion, Master painted several dozen fans in one night, all featuring harmonious colors, vibrant compositions and profound spiritual meanings. These vibrantly decorated works are as delicate as hand-embroidered fans, each featuring a different style and significance. Some are contemporary in design and some classically elegant, while others possess a mischievous air amply reflecting the artist’s humor and childlike innocence.

Appreciating these refreshing, satisfying creations by Supreme Master Ching Hai is as enjoyable as tasting Heavenly nectar. So to share with the world the beauty and creativity of Master’s supreme art, through God’s grace eight of the fans have been reproduced.

The Dragon Gets the Pearl

In this piece, a dragon gets the pearl it desires but it is too large to swallow. The fact that the pearl is larger than the dragon is an auspicious sign symbolizing overflowing contentment.

Too Enlightened (The Fourth Eye)

This fan reflects the view of some who claim to have a fourth eye that raises them above the Buddha’s level.

The Heavenly Bowl

The image on this fan is of Shakyamuni Buddha’s alms bowl filled with vegetables of assorted colors.

Raining on the Taro Plant

In this work, the early evening rain falls on a taro, creating a purplish tinge as the sun sets.

Milky Way


Golden Boat

The Palace Gate