Master's Words





A Wonderful Journey
with Universal Support




Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Edinburgh, Scotland,
June 5, 1999 (Originally in English) DVD #648



The universal brotherhood is a vast, beautiful network of intelligence, and we are a part of it. And if any part of this network is in trouble, the whole network is kind of delayed in its function and effect. So we need to fix that part and then everything will be all right.

I’m here not only to serve you; I’m here to serve myself because I also belong to you, and I know through my meditation practice that I’m one with you. The essence within you and the essence within me, without this body, become one together like the ocean. But we are separated for now, just like the bottle that separates the ocean water inside from the ocean outside that’s floating around it.

Similarly, the body creates the illusion of separation between us, but during the course of daily meditation you and I will see that we are all one. And then we’re also one with God because we are made of God, and Hes just clothes us with these material “suits” so that we can play out our part to make this creation colorful and versatile in all respects. But once we’ve done our job in this world, we can go back Home, and that’s the urge within us that lets us know our time is up, that we can go Home now or that maybe we’ll wait until the next life or the next century. Since you are God yourself, the God within you will of course decide. I’m only here for the ones who are ready.

So there’s no push, no force, no hurry on my part. It’s just that when you are ready, we are standing by to help. Not only my elder brothers and sisters and I are standing by, the whole universal power is standing by: God is standing by; all the angels are standing by. Once we decide to go Home, we have a whole bunch of escorts, which I’ll also show you. If you follow my road, you’ll see them on the road yourself because this planet, this physical creation is not the only one. We have many mansions in the home of God, and all these mansions are full of beings, wonderful beings like us or even more wonderful in some ways. They’re more knowledgeable, and they’ll assist us when we travel on our journey back Home.

It’s a very, very wonderful journey, and anyone who travels enjoys it immensely. And we enjoy it more because it makes our life even better here on this planet. It not only leads us toward spiritual improvement, it assists us in material respects as well so that our life becomes more abundant and the things we need fly to us, literally sometimes, the way we want them, without even having to utter a word of prayer. This is because I’ll show you God, and God is connected with you during the so-called transmission, the re-kindling or re-initiation.

Then, Hes and you are connected; you can become one, and what you want is what Hes wants. Hes will know what you want. Hes already knows what you want; it's just that we’ve forgotten how to listen to Hiers commands or how to listen to Hiers advice. So we don't know what Hes instructs us to do to solve this problem or that dilemma. It's not that God doesn't answer our prayers; it's just that our telephone line to Heaven is temporarily cut off or displaced.

All I do is help you to plug it back in, to fix it and then we can be right there with Heaven again. We call this process “immediate enlightenment” because that's what it is: Within just seconds, you will see the Light. You might see Heaven, you might talk to Jesus, you might see God or you might converse with the ancient Masters and gain direct knowledge of Heaven. I’m just here to reconnect your phone line.