Supreme Master Ching Hai’s TV Program


An Invitation from Heaven
The Twenty-four-hour-a-day Internet TV Program
A Journey through Aesthetic Realms


Golden Age technology has accelerated information transmission and intangibly bridged the distance between human civilization and the Heavenly Kingdom as Internet access now makes it possible to share the word of God with people around the globe through twenty-four-hour-a-day online broadcasts of A Journey through Aesthetic Realms.

The program presents Supreme Master Ching Hai's brilliant discourses and images of Her inspirational art work along with exclusive interviews, cultural performances, vegetarian cooking demonstrations and news about The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association’s worldwide activities. The show is broadcast weekly on satellite TV channels. Thus viewers can tune in to the program anywhere and at any time to share in God’s divine blessings.

The latest Internet editions of A Journey through Aesthetic Realms are available with subtitles in several languages to serve a broader global audience.

* For viewing please visit (requires broadband access).

* For details on availability and schedules of the broadcasts, please check