A Brand New Christmas

By Brother-initiate Fung, Hong Kong (Originally in English)

Such an amazing, remarkable time
This year has been,
When out of Your infinite grace,
Revealed to us was the true Gospel.

Now Christmas
Has attained a brand new meaning—
Such magnificence, glory and bliss,
Such endless love, such sacrifice!

We can only draw in our breath,
Knowing that You came down
To suffer and bless our planet
Even long before the first Christmas,
And that the many second comings of Christ
Are nothing less than
The footsteps of God gracing the Earth.

This is truly
The season of comfort and joy
Since we now feel sure that
God’s beside us this very moment,
Even that Christ has never really left—
Existential loneliness we’ll never feel again.

Gratitude and praise
Our hearts can only express
For Your amazing grace
And infinite love!!