Panorama of Events

Report from New Jersey, USA

The Light of God Brightens a Holistic Expo

By Sheng-Yih Lee, New York


[New Jersey] On November 27, 2005, New Jersey initiates earnestly shared Master's teachings with Truth aspirants during the fourth Body, Mind and Spirit Fall Festival held at the Regency House Hotel in Pompton Plains.

Upon arriving at the venue the practitioners received pamphlets prepared by the organizers that read, “When the student is ready, the Teacher appears,” and realizing that their own search was over, they felt truly happy and grateful to be blessed with guidance from a living Master and the love of God. Then the initiates set up a booth displaying Master's Longevity Lamps and paintings along with Her photo, which was prominently placed at the center so that larger numbers of guests could receive Her blessings. In addition, the brothers and sisters wore Celestial Clothes designed by Master to better convey God's love to the visitors, played Her lecture DVDs, distributed fliers and invited the guests to tune in to the regular weekend broadcast of Master's TV program.

During the Festival the organizer visited the Quan Yin booth twice to express his sincere gratitude and added, “I sensed something wrong, as though the energy in the venue was blocked when the booths were arranged yesterday. However, once the decorations were completed at The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association booth, the ambience was enhanced and the hall appeared brighter.” Also, Master's painting Stone Cave was greatly admired by many guests, several of whom told the practitioners that they saw light energy emanating from the piece.

During the Body, Mind and Spirit Fall Festival, virtually all the exhibitors visited the Quan Yin booth and took fliers. And after studying the spiritual methods promoted at the other booths, the initiates felt more grateful than ever to Supreme Master Ching Hai for lovingly teaching and guiding them on the correct path of the Quan Yin Method. The brothers and sisters of New Jersey thus wish Master a happy New Year!


Report from Florida, USA

Master’s ‘Lightworkers’ Shine at a Spiritual Gathering

By the Florida News Group (Originally in English)

[Boca Raton] From November 11-13, 2005, initiates from the Florida Center hosted a booth at the annual Universal Lightworkers’ Conference (ULC) in Boca Raton, Florida. The event’s sponsors describe a “Lightworker” as someone who seeks to develop his or her own inner Light of God. Unlike other spiritual expos, the ULC features only exhibits that have a God-centered focus, and this year’s theme was "A Celebration of Love and Light."

During the Conference, the participants were highly encouraged to attend all its activities including lectures, musical performances, exhibitions, workshops and meditation and prayer sessions. This was the first occasion that the Florida Center conducted a booth in such an exclusively spiritual congregation to display Master's books, videos, paintings, artistic lamps and photos.

Another great difference between the Conference and similar events the Florida initiates have participated in is that the same group of visitors were able to come to the booth on each of the three days. So by the end of the second day, almost all the participants had either watched sections of Master's videos, received a sample booklet or at least seen Master's photos several times. Some even returned to the stand repeatedly to ask for more information. Through these frequent interactions the sisters and brothers were able to understand the participants better and thus communicate Master’s message more effectively.

An additional feature of the event was the participants’ open-mindedness. Although many came from widely varying backgrounds and belief systems, they were spontaneously unreserved in showing their love and hospitality to each other, with many smiling beautifully and ready to hug all passersby. The exhibitors also visited each other's booths frequently to appreciate each other’s products and creations.

From the smoothness with which the Conference proceeded, it was evident that its organizers had paid close attention to technical details, from the arrangement of the equipment to the timing of each lecture and meditation session. And when people attended the event’s dinner party, they were also asked if they had a vegetarian preference. Even when the impact of Hurricane Wilma caused local residents to experience transportation and lodging inconveniences, everyone’s enthusiasm remained high, creating an enjoyable and impressive gathering.

The most memorable part of the event was its closing ceremony, where people exchanged their thanks and love for each other and hundreds joined hands to sing beautiful songs. Then they all hugged or shook hands and extended their best wishes to each other. In conclusion, the initiates who took part in the Universal Lightworkers’ Conference were deeply impressed by the participants’ unbiased attitude and capacity to love. And although they are truly lucky to be following Supreme Master Ching Hai and practicing the Method of the inner Light and Sound, the sisters and brothers also felt privileged to see how others can love God sincerely and avoid judging those on different paths. Such a mindset of universal brotherhood is indeed quite saintly!


Report from California, USA

Helping Hands and Healing Hearts

By the San Jose News Group

[San Jose] During the last week of August 2005 Hurricane Katrina affected three states in the southeastern United States, causing great destruction as in a matter of seconds, many of the area’s residents lost their loved ones, homes and jobs.

However, in subsequent weeks, with the government’s help, a large number of the victims were able to restart their lives by relocating to various cities throughout the US. And during this transitional period, San Jose, California received many of the Katrina evacuees.

Thus, on November 19, 2005, the San Jose City Hurricane Katrina Evacuees’ Cultural and Resource Fair was held at the San Jose City Hall, Santa Clara County to provide assistance to the victims in their new home. Representatives of many local businesses, charitable organizations and other groups, including the San Jose Center of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, participated in the activity. The Association was invited to take part in the Fair due to its reputation for previous work in disaster relief.

The Association’s booth was located in the central area of the Fair and featured posters with images from The Supreme Master Ching Hai News #160 showing relief work conducted by fellow practitioners. The posters readily caught the attention of the busy crowd, with several visitors seriously studying the pictures and at the same time learning more about Master’s teachings.

One of the hurricane victims pointed at the posters and said, “I used to live near that area!” Also, many evacuees were genuinely touched when they learned of the Association’s diligent relief efforts, and each were given sample booklets which they held onto tightly as if cherishing a precious gift.

In addition, many of the Fair’s organizers cheerfully visited the initiate’s booth and revealed that they were regular customers of The Association’s Vegetarian House restaurant in San Jose, adding that they had some knowledge of Master’s teachings and wished to know more. So they were given sample booklets and copies of News magazine #160.

After the Hurricane Katrina disaster, humanity seemed to gain a deeper insight into the ephemeral nature of physical existence, and thus large numbers were inspired to work together to lovingly help their brothers and sisters in need.

While disassembling their booth at closing time, the initiates felt greatly rewarded to have had Master’s blessing and love as they shared Her teachings with the public at the Hurricane Katrina Evacuees’ Cultural and Resource Fair. Through this activity the hurricane victims were encouraged to start new lives with faith, and new seeds of spiritual yearning were implanted in their hearts.


A Vibrant Seminar
Rekindles Master’s Love in Fresno

By the Fresno and San Jose News Groups (Originally in English)

[Fresno] In June 2001, the residents of Fresno were blessed with the rare honor of hearing Supreme Master Ching Hai deliver a spiritual lecture entitled The Hotel Called Life at the Fresno Convention Center. And in remembrance of Her loving act, on Saturday, October 29, 2005, local initiates along with sisters and brothers from San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles, held the city’s first-ever spiritual video seminar at the Woodward Park Regional Public Library.

On seminar day the weather was sunny and the venue quickly filled with spiritual seekers, curious passers-by and Saturday morning library visitors, many of whom were already vegetarians, had already read Master's sample booklet and were yearning to find a spiritual path, reflecting the elevated spiritual level of local residents. And the purity of some of the young adults who attended the event without knowing about it beforehand was especially noteworthy. Because they were so affected by the initiates’ warm welcome and the contents of Master’s sample booklet, the young people chose to stay for the video presentations and later registered to learn the Convenient Method.

At the commencement of Master’s video lecture Face Life with Courage, given in London in June 1999, a holy quietness permeated the room as the audience absorbed Master's words of wisdom. Later, some expressed their support for Master’s message, while others were in awe of Her articulation of the Truth and profoundly touched by Her love and blessings.

Then during the break, the guests mingled with the initiates to discuss Master's teachings, and sample the scrumptious vegetarian delicacies served by the kitchen staff. And many were so pleasantly surprised by the wonderful taste of the food that they asked to take some home.

One gentleman who happened to be visiting the library that day was curious when he noticed the other guests eating, and the initiates happily invited him to try some vegetarian cuisine. At first he refused, stating that he had an urgent matter to attend to, but as he tried a few dishes he joyfully finished his whole plate, stayed for the rest of the seminar and registered to learn the Convenient Method although he had already missed Master’s lecture. The man later said, “Being vegetarian is wonderful and shows kindness to animals so I stayed to learn meditation and forgot about what was once an urgent matter to me.”

At the end of the event, more than twenty guests learned the Convenient Method. And after the seminar, the initiates promptly arranged a location for the new CM practitioners to hold group meditation sessions and participate in weekly vegetarian cooking classes.

Through their participation in the October 2005 Fresno video seminar the initiates learned that Master's love is like a shining sun radiating light throughout the planet to guide God's children back to their true Home, and that Her blessing power is infinite, awakening those who are ready and sprouting seeds of nobility in us all.


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