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Report from France

The Truth Arrives in Scenic Nantes

By the Nantes News Group (Originally in French)

[Nantes] On November 5, 2005, the beautiful city of Nantes located on the Loire River in western France for the first time hosted a video-seminar featuring one of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures.

A week prior to the event, three local initiates, assisted by brothers and sisters from Paris, distributed flyers in the streets, on the Nantes University campus and at a creative arts exhibition in the city. During the distribution process, those who received the flyers were kind and friendly, frequently thanking the initiates with smiles. And after all the brochures were handed out, the initiates were delighted to see that none had ended up on the pavement!

Then on the day of the seminar forty guests attended and showed sincere appreciation for Master’s lecture Face life with Courage. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed light, refreshing snacks of fruit and cookies and then eight guests learned the Convenient Method.

A young woman who had to leave the seminar early told the initiates, “I saw Light around the lady who gave me the flyer some days ago and that’s why I attended the seminar even though I have another appointment today.” She then added that she would soon contact the Paris Center.

The day after the seminar, another young woman contacted the initiates saying that she very much regretted not having been able to attend due to personal commitments, and asked if there were any way she could watch the video at some other time. So the sisters and brothers immediately arranged a date for her to finally enjoy Master’s enlightened wisdom.

Thank You, Master, for Your Grace, which reached the hearts of many ready seekers at the Nantes video seminar.



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