Pearls of Wisdom


A Master’s Stories:
Gifts of Illumination





Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Group Meditation in Santimen, Formosa,
December 27~28, 1992
(Originally in English)
Videotape #300

The purpose of comparative stories or parables is so to help us understand what a Master is driving at. Otherwise, if the Master just keeps going on and on talking about theology our minds go blank and we don't understand very well. But when you have a good example, you understand what it is and you can’t forget. A story is not easy to forget whereas a lecture is. We might understand a lecture but we forget it more easily.

We don’t forget a story because it's easier to remember. Also, a story contains the meaning that the Master is trying to explain to us. Thus it is that since ancient times Masters have always invented stories for Their disciples. And now we have many such stories to read, all containing practical advice and Heavenly wisdom.

But if we don’t practice and realize the meaning ourselves, we won’t understand. We’ll think they are just fairy tales or jokes, but actually they are not. For example, I was reading a Jewish story about the time Moses went to learn with another Master, and that Master told him about something that was the same as what Moses had learned in childhood, maybe the same sutra or theory. But Moses didn't understand it because this Master was enlightened and spoke in an enlightened way.

I think the unenlightened person also will not understand why Moses did not understand, but we understand. For example, sometimes the Master talks about things we already know, but it's not the same as before. If we didn't practice the Quan Yin Method, we wouldn't understand because the Master doesn't talk in the same way as every other so-called teacher in the world. Those teachers may be able to preach or explain the Bible but they don't really understand the Bible. So if we are with an enlightened Master, we understand everything. Other people may say nearly the same thing, but they don't understand. So that's the good thing about having an enlightened Teacher.