Selected Questions and Answers





Just Let God
Run the Universe

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, International Three-day Retreat in Los Angeles, California, USA, December 17, 1998 (Originally in English) Videotape #641

Q: The Buddhist tradition includes practice of the Four Viharas; namely, love, compassion, joy and peace. Is it OK for us to do that along with our practice as a way of sending love?

M: If it makes you feel good you can do that in the beginning, but then do our practice.

Q: Like while walking down the street or seeing people?

M:  I really would advise you just to repeat the Holy Names. Don't use your mind to send love or things like that because it will not help anything. When you repeat the Holy Names, that's the highest love you can send and it is automatic!

Q: In all honesty, I haven't really made a connection with the Holy Names yet.

M: Then take your time, but it is the highest prayer you can give. For example, all these miracles that happen, all the visions that you hear about at retreats or on tapes and the love you feel from people or you feel from me are not because I sit there and imagine that I'm doing the Four Compassions, sending things in all directions. I’m simply being. I let God run the universe and let Hirm send the compassion. I don't do anything.

So if you want to reach that, you also don't need to do anything. You just need to repeat the Holy Names, meditate and everything else will come along. We have already tried to do too many things for centuries and nothing has happened so just do nothing for a change and the world will be peaceful.


Sincere Gratitude Attracts God’s Favor

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, International Three-day Retreat in Los Angeles, California, USA, December 17, 1998 (Originally in English) Videotape #641


Q: I've been longing to see You since I heard about You and read Your little booklet The Key of Immediate Enlightenment, and when I got here it was even more than I expected. The people around me everywhere, the brothers and sisters, are just full of love. Even before I saw You I felt like I was just floating in the air, and then when I did see You my mind trembled. I don't know what to say. I just want to thank You very much. Also, I’m a Muslim by birth and I saw other Muslim disciples here. I had thought that it was just me! Thank You very much, Master. May You live a long, very healthy life for us. Thank You.

M: Thank you for being so beautiful, so beautiful. That's what I want all of you to be: so relaxed, so carefree, so enlightened and so grateful for God's grace. The more grateful you are, the more you will see things in a positive way and the more positive outcomes you’ll get. The more grateful we are to God, the more favor we’ll gain. That's the circle. So congratulations, brother. You’re going the right way.





The Master Reflects the Disciples’ God Consciousness






Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, International Three-day Retreat  in Los Angeles, California, USA, December 17, 1998  (Originally in English)  Videotape #641


Q: Hallo, Master. I don’t really have a question. I just wanted to wish You a Merry Christmas, and looking at You now I see how patient You are with everyone talking about their experiences and asking questions. This Christmas, I think You really need a vacation and You should have a holiday.

M: OK; same to you! Thank you. It's all right; it's my job. It's just that if I seem to be patient to you, it’s because you’re all patient. If I seem impatient to you, it's because one of you or some of you are impatient or needing that kind of impatience. I am just no one. I'm not patient; I'm not impatient. I'm not good and not bad. I'm not compassionate; I'm not lousy. I’m just a blank copy. And God does whatever Hes does to you for your own benefit.

I'm a blank copy, a white sheet of paper so whatever is written there has your own signature. Thank you anyhow for being so encouraging. I don't consider myself to be a very patient person; I don't consider myself anything at all. I cannot plan anything anymore.

Q: If I were where You are I would have been out in the first five minutes.

M: I know; I wish I could be like that but Hes glues me to this chair: the Old Guy, our Father. It’s because you are not sitting here that you think like that. If you were sitting here you would not even be able to think anymore. You would just be a blank, new sheet of paper every time.

Q: Good, I look forward to getting there.

M: You will, you will. All of us will.