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A Spiritual Ambiance Pervades the Ancient City of Kyoto

By the Japan News Group


[Kyoto] On November 20, 2005, the third annual Kyoto Veggie and Peace Festival was held in Kyoto, an international metropolis in Kansai Province, Japan that is famous as a tourist destination and home to many immigrants. The Festival, part of the 2005 Japan Vegetarian Week, was organized by local businessmen and a student group and was sponsored by the Japan Vegetarian Society and several Kyoto TV and radio stations.


The event was aimed at promoting physical and mental health, raising awareness of the nobility and value of life, ensuring the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals and protecting Earth’s ecology. Since these themes coincided with Master's teachings, the Festival provided a good occasion to share the Truth. So, after participating in the Tokyo Vegetarian Week in September, fellow practitioners from Tokyo and Osaka conducted a booth at the Festival. And as the initiates had previously held most of their Truth-sharing activities in Tokyo, the Festival was especially meaningful because they could share Master's teachings and establish affinities with people in Kansai.

All the vegetarian food for sale at the venue was strictly vegetarian and contained no dairy products or honey. Thus the exotic vegan snacks the initiates prepared were warmly welcomed by visitors. In fact, people returned repeatedly to the practitioners’ stand until all the food was sold out an hour before closing time and many had to reluctantly depart empty handed, which was a surprise indeed! While purchasing food many guests browsed through Master's publications, their faces aglow with joy and satisfaction, and then acquired sample booklets to read at home. The atmosphere at the venue was peaceful and cozy and the practitioners knew that the calm ambiance was due to Master's grace.

Through their participation in the Kyoto Veggie and Peace Festival, the Japanese brothers and sisters learned many valuable lessons about sharing the Truth and experienced Master’s constant presence by their sides. Their confidence in conducting such events in the future also increased, and they are grateful for Master's divine love and blessing, in hopes that more of their compatriots will join in practicing the Quan Yin Method. Let us cheer for each such encouraging success!


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