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Report from Thailand

Uplifting Thai Consciousness through a Vibrant Video Seminar

By the Bangkok News Group (Originally in Thai)

[Bangkok] On November 20, 2005 Thai fellow practitioners held a highly successful video seminar at Bangkok’s Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.

For several days before the event, the practitioners enthusiastically distributed promotional flyers in local villages, marketplaces, supermarkets, convention halls and other areas. Then on seminar day the brothers and sisters beautified the venue with flowers including lotuses, roses and anthuriums and hung many of Master’s photos around the site, filling the atmosphere with Her blessing power. Also, members of the kitchen team diligently prepared heavenly vegetarian cuisine at a sister’s home for the participants, and meditated so that the food would become filled with Master’s blessings.

Next many Truth-seekers from Bangkok and surrounding provinces attended the activity and felt Master’s love create a warm atmosphere. One housewife from a village close to the University told the initiates with deep sincerity, “I came upon the seminar by chance. My daughter had an examination until noon today, and after leaving her and seeing a seminar poster I instantly decided to attend the gathering.” Upon hearing these remarks the initiates realized that the woman’s experience had undoubtedly been one of Master’s arrangements.

During the seminar many guests, touched by Master’s unconditional love, goodness, grace and beauty, showed great interest in the video lecture entitled Listening Inwardly to Our Self Nature and asked many questions about Her video-biography and the Quan Yin Method of meditation. Most of the attendees were satisfied with Master’s teachings and sought to learn more about the Method by acquiring Her publications. One elderly man gazed at Master’s photos for a long time and informed the initiates, “I like Master’s parrots a lot and am touched by the power emanating from the birds in these photos.” Upon completion of the video presentation, approximately two-thirds of the guests stayed to learn the Convenient Method of practice and some expressed a desire to receive initiation.

Afterwards the participants enjoyed the delicious vegetarian food prepared by the initiates, who were happy to see many Truth-seekers showing interest in Master’s teachings, and realized that holding events such as the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University seminar helps to elevate their compatriots, and ultimately the world, to a higher spiritual level.


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