Vegetarian Era

Continued list of
Vegetarian and Vegan Elite of the World


Writers, Poets, Artists & Painters

Pieter Paul Rubens (Flemish master painter), Herr Seele (Peter Van Heirseele, Belgian artist), Piers Anthony (British writer), Sir Edwin Arnold (British poet and journalist), Todd Conant (American writer and poet), Marilyn Diamond (American writer), Donald Schnell (American writer), Alberto Chavez Guatemala (Guatemalan science fiction writer), Thomas Hood (British poet and humorist), Ted Hughes (British poet and children's writer), Geneen Roth (American writer), Thiruvalluvar (Indian, one of the greatest Tamil poets), Boris Borges (Cuban painter), Hubert Schirneck (German writer);

Businesspeople & Entrepeneurs

Mao-Sin Syu(Bruce, Chinese journalist and vegetarian restaurant owner), Ai-Lin Chen (Chinese CEO of Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation), Ding-Syuan Fan (Chinese chief chef and owner of Shanghai Merits & Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant in Formosa), Yin-Long Hong (Chinese owner of Fahua Vegetarian Restaurant, five-time winner of Golden Kitchen Vegetarian Cooking Champion), Chong-Tang Shih (Chinese board chairman of AUSTek Computer Inc.), Ling-Lin Wang (Chinese CEO of Eastern Multimedia Co.);

Film and TV Actors, Directors & Producers

Dora van der Groen (Belgian film and theater actress), Katrien Devos(Belgian TV actress), Koen De Bouw (Belgian actor), Liesbeth Verbomen (Belgian TV actress), Lieven Debrauwer (Belgian movie director), Martine Jonckeere (Belgian TV actress), Mies Meulders (Belgian TV actress and singer), Riet Van Gool (Belgian TV actress), Jules Bass (American film producer, director, composer and writer), Sean Conant (American actor), Li-Li Chen (Chinese actress);

Singers, Pop Stars, Dancers & Musicians

Dora Laki & Levente Szonyi (Hungarian professional dancing couple, three-time winner of Mambo World Competition), Carrie Underwood (American country music singer and recording artist, winner of American Idol), Axl Peleman (Belgian singer and musician), An Vervoort (Belgian singer), Elsje Helewaut (Belgian singer), Kristel Verbeke (Belgian singer), Nathalie Delcroix (Belgian folk singer), Patrick Riguelle (Belgian musician), Sarah Bettens (Belgian singer), Stef Kamil Carlens (Belgian musician and singer), Wigbert (Belgian singer and songwriter), Ci-Mei Wang (Chinese operatic scholar);

Philosophers & Scholars

Stephen Clark (British philosophy professor), Colin McGinn (British philosopher);

Politicians, Statespersons & Activists

Albert 1 (King of Belgium in 1909-1934; became a vegetarian after age 50); Michel Vandenbosch (Belgian president of animal rights organization Gaia).

Humanitarians and Environmentalists

Ren-Siou Syu (Chinese founder of The Society of Wilderness);

Religious and Spiritual Leaders & Personalities

Rabiah Al Adawiyah (Iraqi female Sufi saint), Muhyi-Ddin Ibn Arabi (Spanish Islamic scholar, Sufi master and philosopher), Muhammad Al-Ghazali (Iranian Islamic scholar and Sufi saint), Muhammad Rahiim Bawa Muhaiyadeen (Sri Lankan Islamic author and Sufi saint), Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (Indian Sufi saint and the master of Chisti Order), Hazrat Mouyinu-Ddien Chisti (Indian, the first master of Chisti Order), Shaykh Nasir ad-Din Mahmud (Indian Sufi saint), Hafiz B.A Masri (British-Indian Imam (scholar who knows the Koran in its entirety), Shah Jehan Mosque, Britain), Sufi Sect Shi’ites (Iranian Mana and Safa (Vegetarian Islam sect)), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Indian spiritual leader and founder of the international Art of Living Foundation, a volunteer-based educational and humanitarian organization), Hanshan (Chinese saint and Buddhist monastic);

TV & Radio Personalities

Nic Balthazar (Belgian TV host, film critic and theater creator), Christel Marien (Belgian radio presenter), Daisy Van Cauwenberg (Belgian TV presenter), Evy Gruyaert (Belgian TV hostess), Friedl Lesage (Belgian radio presenter), Ingeborg (Belgian singer and TV presenter), Jia-Syun Sie (Chinese TV hostess).


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