Master Tells Jokes

See Those Texas-sized Grasshoppers?


Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, USA,
February 3, 2003 (Originally in English) DVD#755

A Texan farmer was visiting an Australian farm for the first time, and he asked his host, “What’s that growing out there in that field?” The Australian replied, “Those are watermelons, mate!” So the Texan scoffed at him and said, “In Texas, we grow potatoes bigger than that!”

Then he asked, “What’s over there on those trees?” The farmer replied, “Those are our finest Australian apples!” And the Texan said, “In Texas, we grow grapes bigger than that!” Just then, three kangaroos hopped by very fast. The startled Texan asked, “What are those?” The Australian farmer said, “You mean you don’t have grasshoppers in Texas?”