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 Master’s Words
Spiritual Practice Restores the Soul’s Complete Wisdom

 Panorama of Events
Global Report  /  Togo  /  Cameroon  /  Australia  /  Korea  /  Bosnia  /  Canada  /  Indonesia  /  Malaysia  /  Nepal  /  Northern Ireland  /  Japan  /  USA

Supreme Master Television

 Master Tells Jokes
See Those Texas-sized Grasshoppers?  /  Insanity Times Twelve Equals Innocence

 Master Says
Bring Heavenly Peace on Earth

 Positive Improvements on the Planet
A Year of Peace Has Come  /  Animal Rights on Earth

 Golden Age Technologies
Clean Up Oil Pollution  /  Innovative Solar Cells – Thin, Lightweight, Inexpensive  /  Sweetest Batteries  /  Turning Waste into Clean Energy

 The Golden Age Lifestyle
Turning Trash into Gold – Methane Power Generation  /  Beijing Olympics Embraces Green Concept  /  Passive Houses

 Master’s Wonders
Master Lights the Way Home for My Loved One  /  Master - My Only Refuge

 The Sentient World of Animals
Taz – A Super Intelligent and Loving Dog  /  A Dog performed Heimlich Maneuver * to Save His Companion  /  Poncho: A Friendly Crocodile

 Series of Shining World Leadership
Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Green Governor

 Beautiful People and Beautiful Events
The “Charity King” - A Korean Rocker Contributes 99% of Earning

 Master Tells Stories
The Gold Rat Master

 Selected Questions and Answers
We All Have God’s Love Within

 Vegetarian Era
The Advantages of Plant-based Diet

 Love in Action
The Solomon Islands  /  Argentina  /  USA  /  Mongolia

 Elevation of the Soul
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest DVD  / CD

A Little Message:
In speaking of God or the Supreme Spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist terms to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He.
She + He = Hes (as in Bless)
Her + Him = Hirm (as in Firm)
Hers + His = Hiers (as in Dears)
Example: When God wishes, Hes makes things happen according to Hiers will to suit Hirmself.

News No. 184
Published: June 1, Golden Year 4 (2007)
Founded: August, 1986
Published By: The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association
Publisher: Hsieh Hsin-Lin

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News magazine is published on the Internet in the following languages:
Aulacese, Chinese (in both traditional and simplified versions), English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai. Please refer to the "Quan Yin WWW Sites" of the News magazine for related websites.

As a creator of artistic designs as well as a spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai loves all expressions of inner beauty. It is for this reason that She refers to Vietnam as "Au Lac" and Taiwan as "Formosa." Au Lac is the ancient name of Vietnam and means "happiness." And the name Formosa, meaning "beautiful," reflects more completely the beauty of the island and its people. Master feels that using these names brings spiritual elevation and luck to the land and its inhabitants.

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