Elevation of the Soul

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s
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(Spoken in English with 23 choices of subtitles)
Learning to Live in Harmony
Group meditation at Florida Center,
USA, May 11, 2002



It has been said that Masterhood means selfless love. As such, we will have a deeper realization of Master’s love after listening to the story of how She saved a possum. While commenting on how Her birds and dogs live together, sharing everything with each other, Master laments that we humans take a longer time to learn the way of love. This is a matter worthy to ponder upon. Also, in different situations, how do we distinguish whether it is negative thinking generated by the mind or an intuition coming to warn about something? Master has these encouraging words for fellow initiates: “Every Saint has a past. Now we’re just working it out, so that everything happens in dreams, so there’s no trace left from this karma and so we can elevate ourselves.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s
Latest CD

(Spoken in Chinese)
What Is the Purpose of Becoming a Nun or Monk?
Group meditation at Hsihu, Formosa, December 25, 1988


What is the purpose of becoming a monastic practitioner? Master explicitly elucidates this matter. Just as people join the armed forces to serve their country, we become monastic practitioners to serve humankind and the whole world. Extended further, we become a Buddha for the sake of serving all of Creation and the universe. Sometimes Buddhas, Saints and angels may put trials and obstacles on our spiritual path. How do we overcome them? Novices in spiritual practice may sometimes be skeptical, frustrated or critical. Master reminds us to avoid this as much as possible. After some time, perhaps two or three days, or two or three years, our views will change completely.

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