Master’s Words



Spiritual Practice Restores
the Soul’s Complete Wisdom


Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Lisbon, Portugal,
May 7, 1999 (Originally in English) DVD #645


It’s not that after meditation, a hundred times out of a hundred, we always get everything we want, because that’s not the case. The point is that whether we get what we want or not, we’re still happy. And then we find a way to get something else instead. Instead of standing there and stamping our feet and feeling miserable about the things that we lost, or the things we could not get, we become more clever, more flexible, and then we try many, many ways to get other things and just enjoy the process. That’s the good thing about meditation. We will be almost always happy.

I just don’t want you to have an illusion that when you meditate, everything will just come your way. It does come. But sometimes things are not so good; they don’t come. And sometimes God gives you some very unusual situation, and if we do not meditate, we will not understand the situation. We begin to feel miserable if it doesn’t go our way. So it’s not that if we meditate, everything will always go smoothly. It’s not always like that, but we can always laugh at the situation instead of cry about it. There is always something we can do if we encounter obstructions when we have the stored-up wisdom inside after we have gained it through enlightenment.

That’s why most people worship saints, renunciates, priests and monks, etc. People worship those who really are monks or priests, who are really enlightened inside, because of their consistency in happiness, in contentment and in reliability. And a lot of people follow them, even though sometimes those people don’t seek out the fame, or the fortune, or the followers. But people like to come and befriend them, these saintly people. And most of the time those who practice spiritually are always in luck.

Generally speaking, the students of any Master enjoy happiness, luck and fulfillment of any desire they ever have in life - be it physical, mental or emotional and, of course, spiritual. And on the day they leave the physical body, they go directly to Heaven. There is no doubt about that. So in order to even to be happy in this physical life, not to talk about Heaven yet, in order to be happy here, to live a pleasant life here and to be a more intelligent person here, we should meditate. I hope I do not offend you. We may be very intelligent already, but we have not used enough of our brain power. We use only 5% or 10%, and we are already so clever! We invent so many things. So suppose you meditate and use more of your brainpower; of course you will be more intelligent.

The average person uses only up to 10% of his or her brainpower. That is a fact known to every one of us; it’s scientifically proven. So where do we put the other 80% or 90%? It’s wasted. That’s why we are not complete beings. We don’t feel complete. We feel frustrated and we feel weak because we haven’t used our complete power. So meditation - we can also say it another way - is to make use of our complete power. That is what meditation is for. That’s what the meaning of meditation is: to harness our complete might, so that we become Almighty, just like God, or at least like the children of God. Otherwise, we don’t have enough energy to sometimes take care of the small problems or small things, and we do not always do things completely to our satisfaction because we lack power or lack wisdom. So to know God is to know ourselves completely, and when we know ourselves completely, we know God. Then, because we are one with God, we are just like Hirm the way Hes made us, because God made humans in Hiers own image.