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The Solomon Islands


Relief Efforts Following
the Solomon Islands
Earthquake and Tsunami


Devastation on Gizo Island
By Brisbane News Group (Originally in English)

Ranongga Island was raised 3-5 meters above its former level. Exposed and dying coral is bleached white.

On April 2, 2007, several earthquakes hit the remote north-west province of the Solomon Islands. The biggest of these, measuring an immense 8.1 on the Richter scale, was near the Solomon’s second largest town, on Gizo Island. Ten minutes after the earthquake, a 2 to 5 meter tsunami swept through Gizo and surrounding islands, leaving 600 homeless. Nearby Ranongga Island was raised between 3 to 5 meters above its previous level and many other islands were affected, moving up or down in level.

Many landslips occurred, badly affecting crops and disrupting water supplies. The quakes left many people traumatized and unable to return to low-lying areas to tend crops due to fear of more waves.

With loving concern and instruction from Master, a team from Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, arrived in Gizo on April 12, and discovered through talking to local people that several villages were in need of help. Some of these people had come to Gizo Island to ask for help for their village from the National Disaster Council. Discussions with the NDC led us to talk directly to the affected people, and we were able to quickly respond, hiring boats from Gizo Island and taking aid directly to their villages.

In this way we were able to help with urgent needs while the villages awaited the larger aid response. We distributed aid consisting of staple foods, mostly vitamin enriched rice, biscuits, instant noodles and sugar to over 20 villages and emergency camps. These included emergency camps on Gizo Island; one village on Simbo Island (an active volcano), three villages on Ranongga Island, five on Kolombangara Island, six on Vona Vona Island, and three villages on Vella LaVella Island. We were also able to provide building tools to three villages on the badly shaken Ranongga Island. In total, AUD$10,232 (US$8,516) was spent on this aid effort.

The Solomon Islanders displayed a graceful acceptance of our help in a noble way that showed their self-respect, but also showed their heart-felt gratitude. These people have an openness that is rare in modern society. They eagerly read Master’s sample booklets, flyers and Alternative Living leaflets and thanked us for Master’s help and love.

We returned to Australia very thankful to have been able to spread God’s love, but also thankful for the insight into how communities can be truly civilized and express true humanity, while having so little wealth or technology. We all felt we gained far more from this work than we gave.

Food was taken by boat
to the islands


Expenditure for Solomon Islands aid by
The Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association to help earthquake and tsunami victims in April 2007



Amount (SOL$)

Receipt No.

Food aid (rice, etc.)



Truck and boat hire, fuel and local wages



Building tools (hardware, etc.) for victims



Travel and other miscellaneous expenses (accommodation, domestic flights, taxis, etc.)



Total expenses