Elevation of the Soul

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A Youth’s Passion
June 12, 2006

Spoken in English, with 21 choices of subtitles


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Highlights: What’s special about Master’s “Hungary Outfit”? Why did Master always wear these different-colored “cave clothes” during the Hungary retreat? Do you know that Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote Her first poem at age seven? Do you want to know about the story of Master’s first love? In this DVD, Master recalls some experiences of Her early school years, and also of Her passions during youth. When Master was fifteen years old, She had to nurse Her father for one month when he couldn’t get out of the bed. When Her father was sick during his last days, Master tried so many possible ways, yet could not express Her love in the last moments. How pitiful it was! This also reminds us that we should always take the opportunity to say we love our parents. Besides all these, Master also urges people of the world to face climate change. Everyone has to try to save the resources of the planet, however they can, and should protect the ecology of the whole world.



The Suffering of this World Comes from Our Ignorance
Lecture in Singapore, January 10, 1995
Spoken in English, with 25 choices of subtitles and new cover design

Spoken in English, with 25 choices of subtitles and new cover design

Highlights: Master said that the suffering of this world comes from our ignorance. Why? Why must we remember the purpose of our coming to this world? If the only difference between Heaven and this Earth is the vibration and the frequency; then what’s the relationship between the vibration of the Earth and disaster, earthquake and all kinds of eventful weather? How can we elevate the vibration of the Earth? In Master’s lecture, She specially emphasized, “Every day we must receive good information, positive information, constructive information, enlightened, wise information. And then from the brain, it will direct the cells, the nervous system, and everything we do will be only good, only peaceful, only wise, only constructive, positive things. And that’s how we save the world.”