Supreme Art The Collection of the Art Creations by The Supreme Master Ching Hai -- Painting Series

The Painting Mirrors the Artist’s Inner Being

Through the painting of an artist, the artist’s inner Self is revealed. From Her very first experimenting in the oil painting, “Song of the Sea,” natural perfection is evident in Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unique and effortless style. “I think everything that God created, even a piece of a pebble, is perfect in its own way.” To Her, everything inside and outside from Heaven to Earth can be the object of depiction - be it a store house, a few old books, the sun, the rain, the stones, the clouds or sky.

The new version of the Painting Series has a better layout and easier carrying convenience.

In the beginning of the new Millenium, Supreme Master Ching Hai went on a sacred retreat lasting several years. After She came out of the retreat, She picked up the painting brush again in 2006, changing Her signature to Celest. This latest collection covers 15 pieces of the new series, including “Ash the Chain” and “Summer.” The new style is so exquisite and refined that each stroke and line represents the very essence of perfect Nature. These new pieces are like “Blessed Fruits” that shower us from above. The book also includes a powerful huge painting called “The Battle between Yin and Yang” (1995).

Upon the earnest request of the public, this new version is now being released. The layout, which is sequenced according to years, allows viewers to journey through time, space and the world of the paintings; and to share the relaxation of a wise sage, the beauty and depth of a poet as well as the sensitivity and freedom of a nomad. Just like the lunar halo in “Peaceful Time” is too expansive to be framed, these paintings have a quality that goes beyond any limitation, shining boundlessly and constantly as the Moon.

We welcome you to enjoy the paintings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. You will be deeply touched by the intense affection, childlike innocence and motherly love of the liberated One.