Master’s Wonders


The Wondrous Blessed Food

By sister-initiate Xiao Tsao,
Taipei, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

In Her lecture in the DVD “The Blessing of a Loving Thought,” Master told a brother-initiate, who did not understand what was special about blessed food, that the food might not have anything special in it, but it’s fully charged with Master’s love. Each time when we leave Master after group meditation, She always bestows upon us Her infinite blessing power hidden in the blessed food that weaves into a formidable shield to constantly protect us.

In the first year after my initiation, I was still vague about the miraculous power of the Quan Yin Method. One day, I seemed to have eaten something bad and started to have diarrhea, rushing to toilet about every twenty minutes. Upon seeing my situation, my family told me to seek urgent medical care. Suddenly, I came upon an inspiration and started to eat the popcorn given to me at initiation. Then my diarrhea symptom incredibly went away without taking any medication. That was the first time I experienced the wonder of blessed food.

On another occasion, I personally witnessed the enormous “electrical power” discharged from Master’s blessed food. I have an elder sister who lived overseas for many years. She had been moving from place to place in strange lands. So, for years she had not attended local group meditation. However, her yearning to see Master was getting ever intense day-by-day. She came back to Formosa about two weeks before the Thailand Special Seminar. However, it was too late to register for the seminar. She felt very disappointed, and could not help but accepting God’s arrangement. My elder brother and two younger sisters participated in the Thailand seminar. When the seminar was concluded, my elder brother flew back and went to my parents’ home directly from the airport to share Master’s love with everyone in the family through Master’s blessed food.

Everyone was happily enjoying the blessed food. When it was my sister’s turn, she reached out both hands with great respect to receive the blessed food poured out by my brother. Just as her hands touched the blessed food, something wondrous occurred! Through the blessed food, Master’s love touched my sister’s exhausted body and longing heart. She started to tremble incessantly as if she had received an electrical shock! The power current from God was so immense that her hands were stuck tightly together and could not be separated for a while. Stunned by Master’s enormous love bestowed on her, a child who had returned from a distant land, she couldn’t help crying out and kept saying, “Thank You, Master! Thank You, Master!”

Regardless how far we are separated from our beloved Master, each time when we see blessed food, we will always remember the advice our Master, the merciful Mother, told us before leaving: “Be diligent in spiritual practice and enjoy your life.” Yes, Master, we will bear your exhortation in mind and practice diligently, so that we can return to Your loving arms soon.