Master Tells Stories

We Never Know Who Is Who
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Los Angeles, California,
August 31, 1997 (Originally in English) Videotape #589

One time, Buddha went around to get alms. But then a rich man chased the Buddha away and scolded him. So the Buddha said, “You are a very ignorant idiot ‘Buddha’! You married your own mother, and you eat your father; yet here you stand and scold me.” The owner of the house was very perplexed, and he asked for an explanation.

So the Buddha said to him, “The wife you’re married to now is your previous life mother. The pig that you’re eating now is your previous life father, and the dog was your grandmother before. Yet you kick the dog, you eat your father and you sleep with your mother. So, what do you think?” When the Buddha said it like that, suddenly the owner had a realization that it was true. He became repentant and he followed the Buddha afterwards.

So we never know who is ‘who.’ But it’s better if we don’t recognize or we don’t know much about the past life. Because actually, it’s just energy that’s left; it’s not the same body. The energy of the left-over magnetic field, the energy of the desire and the unfinished wish from the last life of that person is left over, in another body. So actually, it was our mother, but then it is not. You see what I mean? It is our mother, but it is not, because when she is born again, she is mixed with another kind of energy. There is something left over, but something new. And it’s a different body also.

So, don’t go around complicating life by messing with the past or the future. Just let it be! Whatever we have now is what we have.