Story World

Nothing is a Secret to Master
as She Knows Everything
By sister-initiate St. Baker from Surrey, UK (Originally in English)

During the European seminar retreat in Austria from May 26 to 28, Golden Year 4 (2007), many brothers and sisters from all over Europe came to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday with our beloved Master. In this event, I assumed the responsibility of baking cakes for over 500 saints. It was a challenge for me as I am not a professional baker and had never baked so many cakes before. Also only one oven was working in the kitchen. The committee members and I were planning to have a huge cake made for Master to cut on the celebration evening and this was supposed to be kept secret.

On the celebration day, one sister was assisting me to make the enormous cake in the kitchen. We encountered some problems. The cake somehow became crumbly and part of it was broken into pieces. Anyhow, we managed to lay it on the cake board and mended it back. Then another problem followed. We had difficulty with transferring the rest of the cake from the pan to the cake board without breaking it. I never had such problems before when baking at home. Well, I had encountered some other problems on occasions but they were quickly resolved after praying to Master (Ha! Ha!). This time it was really a test for me. I just stood there not knowing what to do at that moment and I completely forgot about praying to Master. I felt a bit panicky.

Suddenly, we heard noises coming from outside of the kitchen. Then someone said “Master is coming.” Instantly, the only thing I could think of at that moment was quickly cover the broken cake with a piece of foil and hopefully Master would go by without noticing it.

Master stepped into the kitchen gracefully. She was dressed in a blue gown and looked just like a young beautiful princess. She was cheerful and said “Hallo” to everyone. Then She saw something on my table and asked “Oh! Is that a cake?” I was speechless and did not know what to say. Like a curious little princess, mischievous and yet very cute, Master approached the table and lifted the foil with Her tiny, slender fingers. That’s it. The secret was revealed. I felt very embarrassed because not only the secret was revealed but the cake was cracked and not very appealing. Our beloved Master was very understanding. She moved away and at the same time felt very carefree and joked about the secret and made everyone laugh.

After Master left the kitchen, I felt immense love and blessing. Strangely and suddenly, I felt calm. My confidence and determination were back. At the same time the sister who was assisting me thought of an idea of how to transfer the cake onto the cake board. So we followed through with the idea and every step we carried out from then on went very smoothly. Finally, we managed to assemble the huge cake. At the final stage of decorating it, two more sisters came to help and we managed to complete the whole cake in time for the celebration.

I do not think that what happened on that day was a coincidence. Somehow deep inside me I felt the inner connection with Master. Master knows everything. She knows every detail and all the problems we encounter. I think that day Master sensed that we were having problems in the kitchen and She came to give Her blessing and encouragement. This is not the only experience I have. A few occasions when I met Master, just by one glance somehow She knew everything inside me and most of the time I was speechless.

Since I have been initiated in 1999 until now, Master has been taking care of me and my loved ones in every moment of our lives. She came to teach me lessons during my sleeping hours and during my daily life. When I was very sad, She came into my dream to comfort me and wiped away my tears. So many experiences and so many miracles have happened to me after and even before initiation. It is true to say that Master takes care of us even before we were born into this world. I am so lucky to be one of Master’s disciples in this lifetime. What else could I ask for? I am very grateful and no matter how many times I thank Master, it is still not enough. Therefore, the only thing I can do is to practice diligently and to love and serve others.

Master, I love You and will follow You to eternity.