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Spiritual Songs - Contribution Invitation

The beauty and its elegant perception of Master's poetry have been well known to us by the previous publications. Recently, Master has contributed consecutively Her 6 music CDs, and requested the working team to produce 2 DVDs - Dream in the Night & Beyond the Realm of Time among these six for our enjoyment. Now, Master even composes the melodies and chant for us personally, not only we have Her beautiful images and songs, but also the gracefulness of Au Lac music. So extraordinary a gift it is!

If we could compose our own music and sing in its local tone as a reward to Master's love, for every language posses her unique prettiness. Also, we can use it to share with each about our cultural abundance and to express our feelings through music. That'll be really something wonderful!

We wholeheartedly invite you to participate in this song contribution, please send your application form to spiritual song group, email: spiritualsong@godsdirectcontact.org.tw

If you wish to present your music at the seminar in Thailand, a specified note written by the contact person is required.

Following 4 files are some tips about upload spiritual songs and application form in English and Chinese.

  1. NativeSong-ch.zip
  2. NativeSong-eng.zip
  3. some-tips-about-upload-spiritual-songs-ch.zip
  4. some-tips-about-upload-spiritual-songs-eng.zip

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