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Moon Night

This is the third painting by the Supreme Master Ching Hai, which uses another style to portray a very different mood. The whole picture conveys an innocent and natural feeling, which can only be created by someone possessing the innocence of a child.

The discerning admirer will perceive a pureness of mind. Only a small portion of a hill is portrayed. Looking like bean sprouts, the trees on the hill are blissfully alive in their vast natural environment. They resemble a group of happy children going on a field trip into the hills.

Happiness and joy fill every inch of the canvas. Interestingly, the clouds in the picture also seem to be drifting silently, and the full moon shines with a radiant and dynamic beauty. This is an abstract style of painting.

People with some knowledge of painting would marvel at the way Master has painted the trees as tiny bean sprouts. This is our Supreme Master Ching Hai, ever resourceful and ever fuelled with boundless, divine inspiration. We can only admire with awe, this profound and boundless wisdom of the Creative Force.

Place: The Hsihu Center, Miaoli, Formosa
Time: September 1990