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 You can receive the latest Supreme Master Ching Hai News. We will mail you selected articles from "pearls of wisdom" and inform you the latest news of our web site. We hope we can share with you the precious wisdom from master Ching Hai.

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News Will Change Its Publication Format

In order to provide Master's teachings and related news to the public in a timely manner, The Supreme Master Ching Hai News magazine will now be released more frequently in versions to be transmitted via the Internet. And, beginning from issue no.113, the magazine will cease to be published in paper versions. If you do not have a computer or Internet connection, please contact the responsible persons at your local Center and have them print out the News for you. Should any Center or individual feel that this procedure is inconvenient, or if you wish to make suggestions, please let us know immediately.

The following are the available versions that readers may use to access the News online, or that may be printed out to share with other people:

  1. Internet Version: In html format, at the Quan Yin web site with color pictures that may be read online.
  2. Printable Version: In pdf format with color pictures that may be printed in either in grayscale or color using your local printer. High quality paper is required when printing in color.
  3. E-mail Version: Will be sent to the reader's email account.

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