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How to Pray

Meditation is the deepest prayer

Meditation is the deepest prayer through which you get anything you want. Anything that is good for your spiritual and physical well being will automatically come your way, whether you pray or don't pray for it. That's why the life of a Quan Yin practitioner is full of contentment and satisfaction - he wants nothing. The more he practices, the less he wants. The more he practices, the less he prays. Seek you first the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you.

Faith Is The Best Prayer

Only faith can bring the things into actualization, because actually we are God. We are Buddha already. Help is always there. We don't even need help. If we are the Buddha, we know what to do, no? So believe it. If you cannot believe in your own Buddha Nature, then believe in the Master power, the Master's Buddha Nature. Then that will help you, because even if you didn't have a Buddha Nature, supposed you didn't have, supposed you were not the Buddha, then okay, at least someone else, like the Master, would not leave you in trouble. The Master would immediately know, would know before you even called, and would already have tried to find a way to help you. So just believe in it. That's the best prayer for you. Believe that it will be done as best for yourself, whatever happens it will be the best for you and you will see it in the future, very soon, that is the best.

So, anytime any problem and you want to pray for yourself or want to pray for anyone, just believe in it. You can ask Master to help or ask your own Buddha Nature to help, but you must believe that it will be done and it is being done, it has already been done. Then, it's okay. Remember the Bible also says whatever you pray for, believe that it has been granted to you, then it will be done. It's the way it is. If you keep crying, "Oh, please help me! Why don't you help me? It has been five has been ten minutes. I'll give you another ten minutes. (Master and audience laugh.) That's not the way.

You must believe. Your faith in yourself is the greatest healing power of any illness, of any problems that you might encounter. You must believe this, because you are the only Buddha within yourself. We are all the Buddhas, but the Buddha inside knows what to do already. The soul knows what to do. If you cannot believe, just believe the Master power will help you, because it will. It does help anytime. What's the use of having a master and then the master doesn't do anything for you. Even an ordinary father, mother would try their best to help their children; ordinary teachers would try their best to help the students. How would a spiritual master, having access to all heaven and earth, just leave you alone in darkness and in trouble?

So, there's nothing we cannot solve with faith in ourselves or in the Master power, because actually the Master power is your power. You and I are one. So, if you cannot believe in yourself, okay let it be, because you feel separated from the Master, fine. Then believe in the Master power. If you really think the master is good, why would the master not help you? And the Master power is omnipresent; there's nowhere the master is not. Anywhere you call, it's just the Master right there, twenty-four hours, remember! So, everywhere you stay, everywhere you live, whatever you face, don't panic, just believe. It will be solved if you can't solve it yourself. Try your best. If you cannot, then the Master will help you. That's what the Master's there for. Until you find your own Master power, the one who knows must help.

Meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound

Supreme Master Ching Hai initiates sincere people longing to know the Truth, into the Quan Yin Method.

The initiation is offered FREE of charge.

Quanyin Method is a spiritual meditation method, contemplating on the inner Light & Sound, through which we come to know God, uncover our inner Wisdom and Love, enlightening our life and get eternal liberation.

The inner Light, the Light of God, is the same Light referred to in the word "enlightenment", Its intensity can range from a subtle glow to the brilliance of many millions of suns.

The inner Sound, is the Word referred in Bible:" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. ..."

It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God.

Master Teaching

"Our path is not a religion. I do not convert anyone to Catholicism or Buddhism, or any other "ism". I simply offer you a way to know yourself; to find out where you come from; to remember your mission here on Earth; to discover the secrets of the universe; to understand why there is so much misery, and see what awaits us after death."

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

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