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Below are some of the topics covered:

Accept Whatever Situations Come To You And Face Your Problems

Age and spiritual practice

All Land Belongs to God

Angels , Questions And Answers

Animals , Questions And Answers

Appreciate Life Start With Enlightenment

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Astrology , Questions And Answers

Beautifying Our Life With Light Of Enlightenment

Beauty Of Enlightenment

Before Enlightenment

Beginning Of Mastership

Best Way To Worship God

Beyond Evil

Beyond Religion

Beyond This World

Blessed by the Living Master

Buddhism , Questions And Answers

Chi Kung Practice

Choice/Fate , Questions And Answers

Compassion Is Different From Weakness

Death , Questions And Answers

Disaster & Illness

Dreams / Bad Dreams

Develop the Wisdom Eye

Different Religions

Enlightened Living Master Is Better Than Scriptures

Enlightenment Is Tool For Everything

Future Is In Our Hands

God , Questions And Answers

God Always Hears Us But We Sometimes Ignore Hirm

God Takes Care Of Everything

Heaven And Hell

How To Meditate

Immediate Enlightenment, Questions And Answers

Is God A Being Or A Non-Being

Jesus And Meditation

Jesus Christ

Karma , Questions And Answers

Mysteries Of The Universe

Mystery of the World Beyond

Prayer Before Meditation

Peaceful World Comes If Everybody Is Enlightened

Process Of Initiation

Real Baptism

Revealing The Secret Of The Ancient Pyramids In Egypt

Soul , Questions And Answers

Ten Commandments

Way To Glorify God

Way To Save The World From Doomsday

We Are Stepping Into Golden Age

We Can Create Heaven

... and many many more


Meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound

Supreme Master Ching Hai initiates sincere people longing to know the Truth, into the Quan Yin Method.

The initiation is offered FREE of charge.

Quanyin Method is a spiritual meditation method, contemplating on the inner Light & Sound, through which we come to know God, uncover our inner Wisdom and Love, enlightening our life and get eternal liberation.

The inner Light, the Light of God, is the same Light referred to in the word "enlightenment", Its intensity can range from a subtle glow to the brilliance of many millions of suns.

The inner Sound, is the Word referred in Bible:" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. ..."

It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God.

Master Teaching

"Our path is not a religion. I do not convert anyone to Catholicism or Buddhism, or any other "ism". I simply offer you a way to know yourself; to find out where you come from; to remember your mission here on Earth; to discover the secrets of the universe; to understand why there is so much misery, and see what awaits us after death."

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

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