When you are happy, you are in Heaven

~Supreme Master Ching Hai

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*Be a Good Partner

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*Married or Not, Just Be Natural!
*Dealing with Affairs of the Heart
*Try Your Best to Keep up Your Marriage
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Transforming a Marriage Enhances Spirituality
*My Spiritual Tutor
*Marriage -- A Good Tool on the Spiritual Path

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*The Miracle of Blessing Power
The Power of Thoughts and Emotions made Visible
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*Relief Funds for Needy Households in Formosa for November and December 2001
*Expenditures for Various Activities in Formosa during November and December 2001
*Worldwide Relief Efforts Rendered by Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, January to December 2001
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Quan Yin WWW Sites
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Liaison Practitioners Around the World
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A Little Message:
In speaking of God, or the Supreme Spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist
terms to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He.
She + He = Hes (as in Mess)
Her + Him = Hirm (as in Firm)
Hers + His = Hiers (as in Beers)
Example: When God wants, Hes makes things happen according to
Hiers will to suit Hirmself.