Master’s Wonders

Celebration under the Golden Moon


By a fellow initiate in China (Originally in Chinese)

This year, 12 Quan Yin fellow practitioners celebrated the Moon Festival together in a home for the elderly. Though we didn’t have many moon-cakes or fruit, with our purest heart, we toasted Master from afar with a cup of tea.

The evening sky was hazy and we could not see the moon, but that didn’t affect our cheery mood and remembrance of Master. Together, the twelve of us sang in praise of Master and prayed for Her blessing with an open heart, hoping that we would be able to see the moon that night. Instantly, a sweet fragrance and a joyous and peaceful ambiance pervaded the retirement home. Master had mercifully answered our prayer. Soon after the evening party began, a golden rising moon slowly broke through the clouds looking down at us like Master’s smiling face. Delighted and surprised, we looked up at the sky and said, “Thank You very much, Master!”

The moon became increasingly radiant and hung in the night sky until the party was over and everyone left. Before leaving we meditated for an hour, to thank Master for this wonderful golden evening of light and love.

Note: This home for the elderly was opened by a sister initiate five years ago, mainly to serve as an abode and meditation venue for elderly initiates. Its current residents include 12 fellow initiates over 65 years old.   --->